There are times when we, in our pursuit of life, forget to live.  If fortune allows us to self-reflect, the hills and forests give good tidings.  Unless you get lost.

That sucks. 

So, here you can find photos, maps, GIS files and all kinds of goodies to keep that from happening.  Enjoy.  Don't get lost.  Haul a watermelon up a peak.  Live life.   And don't get lost.  Because it really, really does suck, and will probably ruin the day of some poor search and rescue dude.

Ultramarathon Resources and Stuff I Like/Do (in fairly random order) 

Wasatch Watch (all the stuff you will ever need to navigate the Wasatch 100)

Trail Mapping and GPS

Bryce 100 2013

Squaw Peak 50 2010

Wasatch 100 2009

Logan Peak Trail Run Photos

Wasatch Speedgoat Maps

Bighorn 100 Snow Course Maps

2008 Bighorn 100 Race Photos

173rd OBC

Spain Madrid Mission Reunion--Reunion de la Mision de Espa�a Madrid


Zane Grey 50

Squaw Peak 50

Katcina Mosa 100K

Sapper Joe Photos 2009


Wasatch 100 photos 2005



Even the big bucks get lost . . . . 


About me.  I'm an attorney, and actually really enjoy that.  On weekends I sometimes work as an Army JAG, and I really enjoy that, too, especially when I get to jump out of airplanes and helicopters (most JAGs don't do this; I'm just Hollywood lucky that way).  I've run 35 100 milers and a whole bunch of shorter trail and road runs. I suppose I'm into my work for the same reason I'm into long distance trail running: both require a lot of attention to detail and can be stressful.  They can also be exhilarating.  Happy trails.  Run gently out there.